Special Releases

You know the beers you have to really hunt down to find because they’re just so incredibly awesome and hard to get that people horde them and share with only a select few behind closed doors and are only whispered about in hushed tones because they’re so unbelievable? So yeah, see below.

  • Wild Manimal

    Released:  Early November

    Style: American Wild Ale

    ABV: 8.9%

    IBU: 44

    SRM: 16

    OG: 1.069

    Availability: Draft, 22oz. bottle

    Serve: Tulip at 45˚-50˚

    This very limited, special release was first released in the fall of 2015 for North Texas Beer Week, and has quickly become a favorite. An American wild ale in its truest form, it's a feral beast that can't be tamed. We age this hoppy, farmhouse red ale for nearly a year in American oak barrels, then add a strain of Brettanomyces Drei, lending a highly aromatic, fruity funkiness to the beer. One last dry-hop adds a burst of citrus, thus making Wild Manimal a worthy adversary to hunt down.

    • Tasting Notes:
    • Hop-forward aroma
    • Juicy, citrus tones
    • Horse blanket funkiness
    • Dry finish

    Pairs Well With: Funky cheese, meat on the bone, ferality

  • Red Wine Barrel Till & Toil

    Released: Late Spring

    Style: Saison aged in various red wine barrels

    ABV: 8.2%

    IBU: 21

    SRM: 4

    OG: 1.065

    Availability: Draft, 22oz. bottle

    Serve: Large Wine Glass at 45˚-50˚

    Sometimes after a long day of work, not just any ol' saison will do. That's why we created this special treat to end those ever-lengthening spring days. We've taken our spring seasonal saison and aged it in various red wine barrels for a truly unique and tasty brew. It's a marriage of rustic and sophisticated. The farm just got a little touch of class

    • Tasting Notes:
    • Crisp and tart
    • Rich tannin notes
    • Musty farmhouse quality
    • Smooth, slightly dry finish

    Pairs Well With: Farmhouse cheese, fresh pasta salad, grilled quail, cioppino, or a flaky apricot tart

  • Bourbon Barrel Temptress™ (BBT)

    Released: Mid-December

    Style: Imperial Milk Stout aged in Oak Bourbon Barrels

    ABV: 11%

    IBU: 56

    SRM: 34

    OG: 1.091

    Availability: Draft, 22 oz. bottle

    Serve: Snifter at 50˚-55˚

    Everything you love about The Temptress, but boozier and nicely-aged. You could say it's the "cougar" of milk stouts. We take our signature silky imperial milk stout and age it in freshly emptied oak bourbon barrels between 5-10 months. This maturation process instills a depth of flavor and warming touch that grows with each sip. Hints of burnt sugar, vanilla, oak, toffee, caramel, and roasted coffee intertwine for a boozy, dangerously smooth treat.

    • Tasting Notes:
    • Smooth bourbon aroma
    • Sweet caramel and toffee notes
    • Touch of wood and vanilla
    • Warm complexity

    Pairs Well With: Salted caramel and dark chocolate

    Best of Rockies/Southwest: Whiskey Barrel Aged Beer - Winter 2017 United States Beer Tasting Championship
    Gold: Wood & Barrel-aged Strong Stout - 2016 San Diego International Beer Competition
    Best of Rockies/Southwest: Whiskey Barrel Aged Beer - Winter 2016 United States Beer Tasting Championship
    Silver: Wood & Barrel-aged Strong Stout - 2015 US Open Beer Championship
    Best of Rockies/Southwest: Whiskey Barrel Aged Beer - Winter 2015 United States Beer Tasting Championship
    Gold – 2014 World Beer Championship

  • Lion's Share VI: Anniversary Ale

    Released:  Early August 2018

    Style: A unique blend of 4 barrel aged beers

    ABV: 12.5%

    IBU: 65

    Availability: Draft, 22 oz. bottle

    Serve: Tulip at 50˚-55˚

    This year’s anniversary offering is one of our most unique brews yet. Instead of barrel-aging one beer, we kept a small reserve of our three most recent Legendary Series ales in their barrels—a barleywine, a wheat wine, and a rye wine inspired by the Three Fates of Greek mythology. With their extra time to mature, these brews mellowed in their barrels, taking on the complex flavors of the wood while their own notes ripened. Our brewers then carefully blended the three beers together to highlight each one’s best properties. And to make a great thing even better, they added a small amount of our popular Bourbon Barrel Temptress to the final blend. The result is a beautifully cohesive beer with rich harmonious flavors including toffee, coconut, vanilla, chocolate, and candied fruit. We like to think of it as a twist of fate, but you’ll think of it as one of our most innovative anniversary beers to date.

    • Tasting Notes:
    • Ripe fruit
    • Barrel, bourbon
    • Toffee and Caramel
    • Full-bodied finish

    Pairs Well With: Charcuterie, Beef wellington, Aged Bleu Cheese, Apple Pie a la Mode

  • Lion's Share V: Anniversary Ale

    Released:  Early August 2017

    Style: Scottish Ale aged in Scotch whisky & Bourbon barrels

    ABV: 9.6%

    IBU: 34

    SRM: 17

    OG: 1.085

    Availability: Draft, 22 oz. bottle

    Serve: Thistle at 50˚-55˚

    For our fifth anniversary brew we looked to the Highlands of Scotland for inspiration, imagining a beer fit for a king. The traditional Scottish ale fit the bill nicely, featuring rich malt and a subtle smokiness, but not too cloying or heavy for a summer release. Thus we give you Lion’s Share V, our interpretation of an old-world style with a new-world twist. Aged for months in both 26-year-old Speyside, single malt Scotch whisky barrels and American oak bourbon barrels, it features an array of flavors while never allowing one note to overpower another. The peat smoke intermingles nicely with the vanilla notes from the bourbon, while toffee, honey, and candied fruit round out the beer. The resulting blend is a delicious dram that we think you’ll enjoy sharing with others. We thank you for supporting us these past five years and sharing in our labor of love.

    • Tasting Notes:
    • Subtle peat smoke aroma
    • Malty sweet, caramel notes
    • Candied-fruit and honeycomb
    • Full-bodied finish

    Pairs Well With: Gruyère, smoked salmon, braised quail, mutton stew, Scottish shortbread, or sticky toffee pudding

  • Lion's Share IV: Anniversary Ale

    Released:  Early August 2016

    Style: Belgian-style Quad aged in Brandy Barrels

    ABV: 12.4%

    IBU: 39

    SRM: 20

    OG: 1.104

    Availability: Draft, 22 oz. bottle

    Serve: Goblet at 55˚-60˚

    For our fourth anniversary we looked to the Trappist masters of brewing in Belgium and decided there’s no better beer to celebrate four years of brewing than with a Belgian-style Quad. Brewed with rich malt, dark Belgian candi sugar, and unique Belgian yeast, it’s the epitome of big, boozy, robust beers. Lion’s Share IV is our interpretation of the classic style. Aged for 4 months in brandy barrels, Lion’s Share IV displays an array of flavors while maintaining a nice balance throughout. Complex, almost wine-like aromas abound, with a rich, malty backbone and sweet, caramel flavors greeting you on first sip. Notes of dried cherries, figs, dates, and raisins intermingle as the finish warms you up with a pronounced but not overwhelming presence of alcohol. We’re proud to share this beer with you and the many fans who have supported us these past four years.

    • Tasting Notes:
    • Complex, wine-like aroma
    • Malty sweet, dark sugar
    • Dried cherries, figs, raisins
    • Rich, warming finish

    Pairs Well With: Aged Gouda, pancetta-wrapped dates, roasted duck, rustic Cassoulet, Black Forest cake, or bread pudding

    Gold: 2017 Denver Int'l Beer Competition
    National Grand Champion: Non-Whiskey Barrel-aged Beer - Winter 2017 United States Beer Tasting Championship

  • Lion's Share III: Anniversary Ale

    Released:  Early August 2015

    Style: Old Ale aged in Red Wine Barrels

    ABV: 9%

    IBU: 41

    SRM: 17

    OG: 1.074

    Availability: Draft only

    Serve: Goblet at 50˚-55˚

    For our third anniversary, we wanted to create a beer that reflects us in a way – a modern brewery with classical allusions. With a combination of prolonged aging, old brewing methods, and historical reverence, we chose an Old Ale to become Lion's Share III, an interpretation of maturation and character. Typically rich and malty with lots of character, this full-bodied beer is brewed with Maris Otter malted barley and a combination of English hops, lending a balanced, floral bitterness to the malt backbone. We then age the beer for 3-4 months in premium, Napa Valley red wine barrels, imparting notes of Port wine and dried-fruit. It's a well-rounded beer that has a sublime depth of flavor and warmth, and one we're proud to share with those who have supported us these past three years.

    • Tasting Notes:
    • Dried-fruit aroma
    • Port wine, sherry-like quality
    • Subtle oak and toffee notes
    • Dry, warming finish

    Pairs Well With: Stilton cheese, grilled venison, baked ham, chocolate hazelnut torte, or toffee apple crisp

  • Lion's Share II: Anniversary Ale

    Released:  Early August 2014

    Style: Berliner Weisse aged in Wine Barrels re-fermented with Black Currants

    ABV: 3.6%

    IBU: 4

    SRM: 5

    OG: 1.035

    Availability: Draft only

    Serve: Large Goblet at 40˚-45˚

    For our second anniversary, we wanted to explore the nuances and beauty that comes from barrel-aging beer, but with a style that's very light and sessionable. We felt a Berliner Weisse exemplified that style. Tart, acidic, and light-bodied, this slightly sour German wheat beer has been re-fermented with black currants in recently emptied wine barrels, then blended with fresh beer for a lively finish. Think of it as our refreshingly unique way to thank each and every one of you who have supported us these past two years.

    • Tasting Notes:
    • Wine and oak on the nose
    • Slightly sour and tart
    • Effervescent body
    • Dry finish

    Pairs Well With: Creamy herb cheese, Monte Cristo sandwich, crispy frites, cheesecake, or fresh berries

  • Lion's Share I: Anniversary Ale

    Released: Early August 2013

    Style: Double Belgian-Style IPA with Brettanomyces aged in Bourbon Barrels

    ABV: 9.8%

    IBU: 102

    SRM: 15

    OG: 1.093

    Availability: Draft only

    Serve: Snifter at 50˚-55˚

    When we started conceptualizing our first anniversary beer, we simply asked ourselves “What would we want to drink?” It needed to be big, yet smooth. Go heavy on the hops. Throw in some funk and barrel age that bad boy. Thus, we give you Lion’s Share I. Angels get their share, and the devil gets his cut. Our Lion’s Share is for each and every one of you who have supported us along the way.

    • Tasting Notes:
    • Smooth, malty toffee
    • Oak and vanilla notes
    • Funky hop bitterness
    • Warming Alcohol finish

    Pairs Well With: Gorgonzola, wild salmon, grilled venison, pork belly, or salted caramel ice cream