• Zomer® Pils

    Season: Summer (May - July)

    Style: Bavarian-Style Pilsner

    ABV: 4.8%

    IBU: 34

    SRM: 3

    OG: 1.048

    Availability: 12oz can (6-pk)

    Serve: Pilsner at 40˚-45˚

    In summer, Belgians head to the nearest beach, while Texans typically race towards the nearest source of shade. That’s because the European sun is far friendlier than the fiery ball glowing over the Lone Star State. Combat the heat with our Zomer Pils. Brewed with Belgian pilsner malt and dry hopped with a combo of Lemondrop and noble hops, this traditional pilsner is light, crisp, and refreshing with a citrusy zing. So let that sun keep on burning.

    • Tasting Notes:
    • Crystal clear, straw color
    • Bright, crisp body
    • Spicy bitterness
    • Clean, grassy finish

    Pairs Well With: Aged Gouda, Tex Mex, Air-Conditioning

    Best of Rockies/Southwest: Pilsner - 2015 United States Beer Tasting Championship
    Silver: Pilsner – 2015 Las Vegas Int'l Beer Competition
    Best of the Rockies/Southwest: Pilsner - 2014 United States Beer Tasting Championship

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  • Artsy Tartsy w/ Peaches

    Season: Summer (May - July)

    Style: Berliner-style Weisse w/ peaches

    ABV: 4%

    IBU: 3

    SRM: 3

    OG: 1.039

    Availability: Draft only

    Serve: Goblet at 40˚-45˚

    Brewing is an art that takes skill and creativity. In the peak of summer’s oppresive heat, this drive to escape the mundane and create something inspiring has given us Artsy Tartsy Berliner-style Weisse with peaches. This light, tart wheat beer is gently kettle-soured, then generously infused with bright peaches for a highly refreshing, unique take on an old-world classic. Go ahead, enlighten your tastebuds.

    • Tasting Notes:
    • Fresh, ripe peach aroma
    • Refreshingly tart
    • Low bitterness
    • Effervescent finish

    Pairs Well With: Havarti, Eggs Benedict, Poolside Brunch

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  • Punkel®

    Season: Autumn (August - October)

    Style: Pumpkin Pie Dunkel

    ABV: 5.5%

    IBU: 23

    SRM: 19

    OG: 1.055

    Availability: Draft, 12oz bottle (6-pk)

    Serve: Dimpled Mug at 45˚-50˚

    Is there a better fall treat than pumpkin pie? Nope, which is why there are so many pumpkin beers out there. But we prefer a beer that compliments a slice of pie rather than drinking a slice of pie, which is why ours is based on the classic dessert, not the gourd. Our twist: Punkel has no pumpkin. It's a dark, malty German lager enhanced by cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, and ginger. Perfect for weather only Texans would consider "fall."

    • Tasting Notes:
    • Dark copper hue
    • Toasted caramel malt
    • Pumpkin pie spicing
    • Light to medium body

    Pairs Well With: Smoked Gruyere, Turkey Legs, Food Comas

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  • Holiday Bonus®

    Season: Winter (November - January)

    Style: Robust Porter w/ chocolate and orange peel

    ABV: 6.6%

    IBU: 41

    SRM: 31

    OG: 1.066

    Availability: Draft, 12oz bottle (6-pk)

    Serve: Imperial Pint at 45˚-50˚

    The holidays are a time of good will, celebration, joy, and family. But to the extra lucky, they include a nice little monetary thank you for a year's worth of hard work. And so Holiday Bonus came to be. We want to reward you with a little unique taste of the holidays from where we come from. Brewed with stocking-stuffer flavors like chocolate and orange peel, this Robust Porter is both festive and delicious. Give yourself a bonus this winter, even if your boss hasn't.

    • Tasting Notes:
    • Citrus peel aroma
    • Smooth, medium body
    • Bold, roasted malt
    • Semi-sweet, chocolate finish

    Pairs Well With: Camembert, Dessert Soufflé, Impulse Buying

    Bronze: Porter - 2015 New York Int'l Beer Competition

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  • Till & Toil®

    Season: Spring (February - April)

    Style: Saison

    ABV: 7.1%

    IBU: 21

    SRM: 3

    OG: 1.065

    Availability: Draft, 12oz bottle (6-pk)

    Serve: Tulip at 45˚-50˚

    Whether tilling a field, toiling through the day, or simply enjoying a brunch on a shady patio, Texans know how to work up a thirst. Luckily, Till & Toil is here to help. Tropical fruit and citrus notes derived from Citra and Mosaic hops balance this thirst-quenching ale. Traditionally enjoyed by farmers after a long day laboring in the sun, saisons (French for "seasons") are the perfect reward for a hard day's work. Although to be honest, ours is a good reward for just about anything.

    • Tasting Notes:
    • Crisp and tart
    • Bright, juicy fruit esters
    • Tropical hop aroma
    • Effervescent, slightly dry finish

    Pairs Well With: Aged Fontina, Roast Chicken, Patio Weather

    Bronze: 2017 Denver Int'l Beer Competition
    Silver: French & Belgian Saison - 2015 US Open Beer Championship
    Bronze: French & Belgian-Style Saison - 2015 New York Int'l Beer Competition
    Gold: French/Belgian-Style Ale - 2014 San Diego International Beer Festival

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