Private Rental

10300679_10153426905866660_3015495620849993007_n Photo courtesy of Crystal DeAnda Photography
Interested in having a private event at a truly unique location? We can help with that. We host birthdays, weddings, receptions, corporate events, and parties for absolutely no particular reason. And better yet, we have beer. Funny how that works.
We have a large taproom, including a 4,000 sq ft covered beer garden with stage and seating for 200 plus, perfect for your next event. We also have our smaller, more intimate “Founders Taproom” for smaller parties such as birthdays or showers. We also feature a conference room great for your next offsite meeting. Private rental rates vary depending on the scope of the event, how many guests are expected, and what all it entails. As such, we don’t list our rental rates here, but we would be happy to discuss options and work with you to make sure your event is truly memorable. If you would like additional information, or to inquire about an upcoming party, event, or simply book a date, please fill out the form and we’ll be in touch with you soon.