Legendary Series

As a way to honor our dual heritage, we created The Legendary Series® – specially brewed beers inspired by Belgian and local mythologies. This quarterly series is much more limited in scope, as the beers are brewed once, with the intentions of never being brewed again. Some are intended to let age, others to be drunk fresh. Either way, once they’re gone, they’re gone.
  • Grand Allowance

    Released: April 2017 

    Style: Chardonnay Barrel-aged Wheat Wine

    ABV: 12.8%

    IBU: 62

    SRM: 14

    OG: 1.107

    Availability: Draft, 22oz bottle

    Serve: Snifter at 50˚-55˚

  • Collector Edition - 2 of 3
  • Grand Allowance, the ninth release in our limited Legendary Series, marks the second in a mini-series of three unique, wood-aged beers, inspired by the deities known as the 3 Fates. The Moirai sisters determined the lives and destinies of all, controlling the fates of both gods and mortals alike. The second sister, Lachesis, measured the thread of life, deciding the number of days you had on Earth. Thus we present a sumptuous Wheat Wine for the second in line, aged in chardonnay barrels for a soft, full-bodied beer brimming with vitality.

    • Tasting Notes:
    • Sweet, honeysuckle aroma
    • Bready, candy-like flavor
    • Full-bodied and boozy
    • Vinous, slightly dry finish

    Pairs Well With: Asiago cheese, smoked trout, Coq au Vin, apricot tart, or peach sorbet

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  • Thread Spinner

    Released: October 2016 

    Style: Bourbon barrel-aged Barleywine

    ABV: 13.5%

    IBU: 90

    SRM: 20

    OG: 1.105

    Availability: Draft, 22oz bottle

    Serve: Snifter at 50˚-55˚

  • Collector Edition - 1 of 3
  • Threadspinner, the eighth release in our limited Legendary Series, is the first in a mini-series of three unique, wood-aged beers, inspired by the deities known as the 3 Fates. The Moirai sisters determined the lives and destinies of all, controlling the fates of both gods and mortals alike. The first sister, Clotho, spun the thread of life with her divine spindle, deciding one’s birth and death. Hence this robust, lively American Barleywine to kick off the series, aged in freshly-emptied bourbon barrels from our friends at Witherspoon Distillery. With the subsequent two releases coming next year, the idea is to collect all three for a vertical, showcasing the beautiful characteristics each beer possesses.

    • Tasting Notes:
    • Rich, caramel-like aroma
    • Intense, malty backbone
    • Full-bodied and chewy
    • Boozy, warming finish

    Pairs Well With: English Stilton cheese, Medjool dates, fig & walnut tart, rum raisin ice cream, or homemade pecan pie

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  • Troll Toll

    Released: June 2016 (Retired) 

    Style: Double IPA

    ABV: 9.6%

    IBU: 116

    SRM: 8

    OG: 1.086

    Availability: Draft, 22oz bottle

    Serve: Spiegelau at 45˚-50˚

    The seventh release in our limited Legendary Series® is inspired by a ridiculously bizarre tale involving a princess who falls in love with a boy, only to be denied by a greedy troll demanding a toll for the boy's soul. Action, romance, sweet karate moves, and some over-the-top production and musical numbers ensue, but to no avail as the princess eventually loses interest. This bitter, twisted tale influenced our hoppiest brew to date, a West Coast-style Double IPA with seven varieties of hops, including Simcoe, Amarillo, and Citra. It should appease even the most offensive trolls. It could very well make you a master of karate, too.

    • Tasting Notes:
    • Tropical fruit aroma
    • Juicy citrus notes
    • Piney, resin backbone
    • Bitter finish that lasts

    Pairs Well With: Sharp bleu cheese, such as Stilton, smoked beef brisket, Cuban sandwich, assorted charcuterie, spicy crawfish boil, or homemade carrot cake.

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  • Saint Dymphna

    Released: June 2015 (Retired)

    Style: Belgian-style Tripel

    ABV: 8.6%

    IBU: 34

    SRM: 5

    OG: 1.085

    Availability: Draft, 22oz bottle

    Serve: Chalice at 45˚-50˚

    The sixth release in our limited Legendary Series® is inspired by the patron saint of Geel, Belgium – the town our founder's grandmother still calls home. Saint Dymphna, known as the Lily of Ireland, had kindness and beauty that knew no match. In her youth, she escaped lecherous looks and ill-willed intentions and landed in Geel, where she devoted her life to helping the mentally ill. Unfortunately, her not-so-stable father tracked her down and insisted she return with him. She refused and was martyred instead, becoming the Belgian city's patron saint. We keep this story close to heart, as today the Chapel of Saint Dymphna stands near an ancient linden tree where our owner played as a child. The nearly 500 year old linden tree influenced the addition of linden flowers to the 8.6% alc/vol Belgian Tripel, adding a subtle bouquet to the complex flavor of the beautiful, golden-hued beer. A slight, tea-like, lemony characteristic complements the Belgian candi sugar and distinctive yeast we use. It's strong yet light and full of conviction, like the fair Saint Dymphna.

    • Tasting Notes:
    • Slighty spicy aroma
    • Sweet, fruity esters
    • Light, malty body
    • Soft and creamy finish

    Pairs Well With: Soft, ripened cheese, such as Brillat-Savarin, pesto pasta salad, Thai chicken satay, prosciutto-wrapped asparagus, baby clams, or warm peach cobbler.

    Gold: Belgian Tripel - 2015 US Open Beer Championship

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  • Bokkenrijders

    Released: October 2014 (Retired)

    Style: Doppelsticke Alt

    ABV: 8.5%

    IBU: 71

    SRM: 16

    OG: 1.088

    Availability: Draft, 22oz bottle

    Serve: Stange at 45˚-50˚

    The fifth release in our Legendary Series® pays homage to the legend of the "bokkenrijders", or buck riders. The area around Limburg was an especially dangerous place to live in the 1700's. A large part of this was due to the fearsome bokkenrijders, a gang of criminals who became feared by many. Legend said they made a pact with the Devil himself, riding on the backs of flying goats through the night skies, terrorizing anyone who got in their way. They would rob and pillage many of the wealthier homes and churches in the area, leading to one of the bloodiest and cruelest "witch hunts" in history. The stories are as varied as they are ancient, which was perfect for our Doppelsticke Altbier. Meaning "double secret old beer", this malty ale is actually lagered for quite some time, giving it a smooth, complex drinkability paired with the delightfully rich, malty body. Then the hoppy bite grabs your attention, with a warming finish at the end. It's fearless like the phantoms of old, and is truly satisfying after an evening spent riding on the back of a buck.

    • Tasting Notes:
    • Noble hop bouquet
    • Rich, malty sweetness
    • Earthy, floral bitterness
    • Clean smooth finish

    Pairs Well With: Soft, creamy cheese, such as Camembert, wienerschnitzel, brats & sauerkraut, potato dumplings, pear fritters, or warm maple-walnut cake.

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  • A*******'* Revenge

    Released: March 2014 (Retired)

    Style: Belgian-Style Golden Ale w/ cherry wood-smoked malt

    ABV: 12.4%

    IBU: 41

    SRM: 4

    OG: 1.107

    Availability: Draft, 22oz bottle

    Serve: Munique at 50˚-55˚

    The fourth release in our Legendary Series® revisits the Belgian story of Brabo vs. a giant with a name that starts with an "A" (look it up), albeit in a reversal of roles. Brabo’s Cut, the first Legendary release, told the tale of a brave Roman soldier named Silvius Brabo and his heroic deeds. Growing tired of paying tolls to cross the river Scheldt, Brabo chopped off the hand of A*******, the menacing giant who guarded the bridge in the city of Antwerp, slaying him and collecting a mighty reward. Now centuries later, A******* is out for payback, bringing with him a fiery vengeance unlike any other. The antithesis of Brabo’s Cut, A*******'* Revenge is a traditional big, Belgian-Style Golden Ale, untraditionally brewed with a touch of cherry-wood smoked malt. At a hefty 12.4% ABV, it’s not for the faint of heart. Notes of sweet fruit and spicy esters come through in the aroma and initial taste, with wisps of smoke finishing on the palate. Revenge never tasted so sweet.

    • Tasting Notes:
    • Sweet pear and honey
    • Slightly spicy bouquet
    • Full-bodied, effervescent
    • Faint smoky finish

    Pairs Well With: Triple-crème cheese, such as Saint-André, mussels & frites, grilled veal chop, Portobello salad, chicken tandoori, or flaky baklava.

    Gold: Smoked/Rauch Beer - 2014 US Open Beer Championship
    Silver - 2014 World Beer Championships

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  • Goatman™

    Released: September 2013 (Un-retired - now year-round offering)

    Style: India Black Lager

    ABV: 9.3%

    IBU: 82

    SRM: 32

    OG: 1.090

    Availability: Draft, 22oz bottle

    Serve: Nonick at 50˚-55˚

    The third release in our Legendary Series®, Goatman is quite a unique beer, similar to its namesake. It's inspired by the hairy and horned, territorial terror that is said to live around the White Rock Lake area. Legend has it that joggers, hikers and picnickers have been startled by this 7 ft. tall beast with a nasty attitude, dodging flying trash and even the occasional old tire. What better way to celebrate such a dark creature than with a dark creation of our own? This hybrid of a brew is a melding of a West Coast Black IPA and a German-style Schwarzbier, encompassing all of the sticky, dank, bitter bite you love, with a smooth, roasted, semi-sweet malt body balancing it all out. It's enough to curl your toes – or maybe your hooves.

    • Tasting Notes:
    • Dark as night
    • Bitter, dank, resin notes
    • Semi-sweet, roasted malt
    • Smooth, robust body

    Pairs Well With: Stanky, pungent cheese, Southern chicken fried steak, spicy chorizo, crawfish étouffée, or chocolate truffles

    National Grand Champion: American Black Ale - 2014 United States Beer Tasting Championship
    Best of the Rockies/Southwest: American Black Ale - 2014 United States Beer Tasting Championship

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  • La Dame du Lac®

    Released: May 2013 (Retired)

    Style: Biere de Garde

    ABV: 7.5%

    IBU: 24

    SRM: 8

    OG: 1.074

    Availability: Draft, 22oz bottle

    Serve: Tulip at 50˚-55˚

    The second release in our Legendary Series®, La Dame du Lac is our interpretation of a traditional biere de garde, or "kept beer." Malty sweetness, rustic farmhouse notes and a dry finish make this a fitting beer to enjoy now, or let age for further complexity. Commonly seen throughout northern France were the ghostly "dame blanche," or "white ladies," roaming the country side. This beer is a tribute to our very own "dame blanche," and one of the most well-known urban legends around east Dallas – the "Lady of White Rock Lake." Many midnight drivers have witnessed a strange woman, dressed in a soaked, long white dress, walking near the lake. She always asks for a ride home, as her car or boat has just sunk to the bottom. Obliged to help, the driver escorts her home in the back of their car, and upon arrival at the house, they turn around, only to find an empty, wet seat. They approach the house, and an older man or woman answers the door. They come to find out that the girl they just picked up was none other than the elderly person's daughter, who died in the lake many years before. So in her honor we toast this ghost, and hope she one day finds her way back home. But hurry, because like her many sightings, this beer is also known to suddenly disappear.

    • Tasting Notes:
    • Semi-sweet honey malt
    • Fruity, grape must-like esters
    • Rustic, tart notes
    • Dry finish

    Pairs Well With: Soft, pungent cheese such as Livarot, herb-roasted Cornish game hen, mushroom quiche, cold-smoked salmon, strawberry gelée

    Bronze: French/Belgian Ale - 2014 US Open Beer Championship

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  • Brabo's Cut

    Released: March 2013 (Retired)

    Style: Belgian-Style Dark Ale

    ABV: 9.4%

    IBU: 27

    SRM: 21

    OG: 1.095

    Availability: Draft, 22oz bottle

    Serve: Belgian Chalice at 55˚-60˚

    The first release in our Legendary Series®, Brabo's Cut is a bold, complex Belgian-Style Dark Ale. Brewed with blessed water, it's rich with notes of brown sugar, figs, and sweet honey, compliments of the local, wildflower honey from our brewer's family hives. Inspired by how the Belgian city of Antwerp got its name, it tells the story of a Roman soldier named Silvius Brabo, the man who slayed the giant Druon Antigoon. Antigoon guarded a bridge over the river Scheldt, and demanded all travelers pay a toll to cross. If you didn't have the money, he would chop off your hand. Brabo, growing tired of these antics, decided to repay him in kind by chopping off Antigoon's own hand, slaying him, and throwing his hand into the river below. Thus the name Antwerp, or Antwerpen (Dutch for "to throw hand") was derived. Today we honor Brabo's heroism with these spoils of a job well done. A mighty reward that we share with you.

    • Tasting Notes:
    • Sweet, wildflower honey
    • Rich brown sugar
    • Candied-fig notes
    • Belgian fruit esters

    Pairs Well With: Washed-Rind cheese, such as Époisses de Bourgogne, braised oxtail, roast duck, rack of lamb, crème brûlèe or a fresh fruit tart

    Bronze: Aged Beer - 2015 US Open Beer Championship

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