2019 Beers

2019 has us super excited! We have added some amazing new beers to the lineup that will satisfy the tastes of those craft beer aficionados as well new craft drinkers and those looking for alternatives to high ABV spirits and Flavored Malt Beverages.

“I’ve never been this excited to release a programming calendar. We have been working hard, looking at past and present trends, listening to our fans, and doing a lot of doodling on the whiteboard. We feel like we have a range of diverse beers that will be incredibly popular with not only our fans, but with new craft beer drinkers as well.” – Wim Bens, President Lakewood Brewing

 First off, we have added Lemonale, a bright and refreshing year-round ale with just the right amount of lemon. This “serious ale with a lemon wedgie” will be hitting shelves just in time for patio brunch season.

For our seasonal offerings, the stunningly delicious and beautiful Black Currant Artsy Tartsy will be making its debut in cans and draft after headlining in The Taproom. We’ll see the return Punkel with a fresh new look, now in cans. Finally the smash hit, Cold Front IPA will be back for round 2.

 Our Seduction Series will see four editions: We get the good times rolling with French Quarter Temptress, then Raspberry Temptress makes her return this summer. Peanut Butter Temptress will be back thanks to the amazing fan support and demand, and lastly we’ll close out the year with NEW Salted Caramel Temptress.

 Our brand new Small Batch Series will be showcasing our brewers’ passion projects, secret recipes, and happy accidents in 4-pack cans and draft. These will be very exclusive, very rad, and very limited in the market. Earthly Highs, a Tart and Juicy IPA, will kick off the shenanigans in February.

 We’re back at it once again with Jack Daniels! We have received a literal truckload of fresh JD barrels and they will certainly be put to good use. Be on the lookout for NEW Jack’d Up Punch and the return of Tennessee Temptress. Available on draft only. Additionally, we have revised our Barrel Works releases to be in a more manageable 375ml format. B-Funk, a brett saison, will be in the market in spring followed by Rest In Peaches in the fall.


We love to hear from our fans! Hit us up on social media, or stop by The Taproom and let us know what you think of the new lineup and what you want to see in 2020. Cheers!

Press Release: Lakewood Brewing Co. Announces 2017

Lakewood Brewing Company Announces Much Anticipated 2017 Craft Beer Releases
  Dallas, TX: Lakewood Brewing Company has been ‘brewing up’ a great lineup of 2017 releases. Customers across North Texas and other regions can look forward to these upcoming craft beers in LBC’s 5th year of brewing customer favorites.
“We took 2016 to look at what was working and what needed to be tweaked. We’ve been hard at work preparing for this all year and we’re excited to announce our 2017 releases,” stated Wim Bens, Founder & President of Lakewood Brewing Company.
Goatman Imperial India Black Lager makes its triumphant return in early spring in 4-pack bottles. This 9.3% ABV brew originally made its debut as the third release in LBC’s Legendary Series, one of its most popular…and is the first to be brought back. Dry hopped with copious amounts of Simcoe, this dank, roasty, malty beer is described as a ‘hybrid between a German Schwarzbier and an Imperial Cascadian Black IPA.’
The Seduction Series will be moving from 22oz bottles to its new packaging in 4-pack bottles. In addition to introducing a fifth variation to the Seduction Series lineup later in the year, LBC will also be barrel-aging a portion of all the Seduction Series as very limited, draft-only releases throughout the year.
Red Wine Till & Toil, a fan favorite, will be in limited release, 22oz. bottles for the first time. Artsy Tartsy, LBC’s fruited Berliner Weisse, will make a return this summer as a refreshing draft only release, while Zomer Pils will now be sold exclusively in cans and dry-hopped with a combo of Lemondrop, Sterling, and Saaz hops.
“We keep listening to our fans and our brew crew keeps innovating delicious new beers,” Wim emphasized. “I’m very excited to share these with craft beer fans across the state.”

BBT ’16 Barrel Aging Q&A with Shawn Vail


To mark this week’s barreling of BBT 2016, I took a few minutes to chat with Shawn Vail, Head Brewer of Lakewood Brewing Co. He heads the company’s barrel aging program and is the authority on the matter here at LBC. He gave me a crash course in barrel aging, BBT, and all things round, wooden and filled with delicious, delicious beer.