• Rock Ryder®

    Style: American Rye Wheat

    ABV: 4.8%

    IBU: 20

    SRM: 4

    OG: 1.050

    Availability: Draft, 12oz can (6-pk)

    Serve: Pint glass at 45°–50°

    Named for White Rock Lake and the cyclists who loop it, Rock Ryder is a refreshing, crowd-pleasing, session beer. But just because it's easy drinking doesn't mean it's got training wheels. With peppery notes from rye malt, a citrusy aroma and dry finish, our American Rye Wheat pulls ahead of the pack. And we're proud to donate a portion of the proceeds of Rock Ryder to For The Love of the Lake, a community organization that volunteers their time keeping our little oasis in the city sparkling. So sit back and enjoy the Ryde.

    • Tasting Notes:
    • Refreshing, easy-drinking
    • Peppery notes from rye malt
    • Citrusy aroma
    • Dry finish

    Pairs Well With: Goat Cheese, Crisp Salads, Victory Laps

    Silver: American Wheat - 2015 US Open Beer Championship
    Gold: American Wheat - 2015 San Diego Int'l Beer Competition
    Gold: American Wheat - 2015 Los Angeles Int'l Beer Competition
    Gold: American Wheat - 2014 US Open Beer Championship
    Bronze: Rye Beer - 2013 San Diego Int'l Beer Competition

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  • Hop Trapp

    Style: Belgian-Style India Pale Ale

    ABV: 6.4%

    IBU: 55

    SRM: 14

    OG: 1.060

    Availability: Draft, 12oz bottle (6-pk)

    Serve: Belgian Goblet at 40°–45°

    We're no monks, but our Belgian-style IPA gives a tip of the hat to our divine brethren. Brewed with rich malt, noble hops, Trappist yeast and a kick of coriander, this is one complex beer. Rather than make a beer that's more of a dare to drink than a pleasure, balance was the priority here. We wanted a beer for "hop heads" and novices alike. Hop Trapp pours with a refined bitter backbone, floral hoppy notes and a decidedly Belgian finish. This brew is worthy of some serious contemplation.

    • Tasting Notes:
    • Rish Malt
    • Refined bitter backbone
    • Floral hoppy notes
    • Complexity from Trappist yeast

    Pairs Well With: Sharp Cheddar, Spicy Foods, Devotion

    Gold: India Pale Ale – 2015 Las Vegas Int'l Beer Competition
    Best of the Rockies/Southwest: Belgian IPA/White IPA - 2014 United States Beer Tasting Championship
    Silver - 2014 World Beer Championships

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  • The


    Style: Imperial Milk Stout

    ABV: 9.1%

    IBU: 56

    SRM: 33

    OG: 1.091

    Availability: Draft, 12oz bottle (4-pk)

    Serve: Snifter at 50°–55°

    Va-va-voom! The Temptress is seduction in a glass. Curvy in all the right places, this Imperial Milk Stout pours with a thick, milk chocolate head. Chocolate and caramel malt give it a rich and complex body while the lower carbonation gives the beer a silky mouth feel. She’s voluptuous, with a soft alcohol warmth that grows deeper with every sip. Take your time with her and she’ll reward you.

    • Tasting Notes:
    • Thick, rich milk chocolate head
    • Sweet Caramel notes
    • Touch of vanilla
    • Warm Complexity

    Pairs Well With: Robust Bleu Cheese, Dark Chocolate, Sin

    Bronze: Stout – 2015 Las Vegas Int'l Beer Competition
    Texas Stout of the Year - 2015 Los Angeles Int'l Beer Competition
    Bronze: Other Strong Ale — 2015 Los Angeles Int'l Beer Competition
    Bronze: Sweet Stout - 2015 New York Int'l Beer Competition
    Gold — 2013 World Beer Championships
    Best Beer — Dallas Observer 2013 Best of Dallas
    Best Beer in DFW from (Star Telegram) 2013

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  • Lakewood Lager®

    Style: Vienna-Style Lager

    ABV: 4.6%

    IBU: 25

    SRM: 11

    OG: 1.047

    Availability: Draft, 12oz bottle (6-pk/12-pk), 12oz can (12-pk)

    Serve: Stein at 40°–45°

    Lakewood is more than a place. It's a state of mind. Old blends with new. Traditions hook up with fresh ideas. It's the same with our Lakewood Lager. We've taken old world Vienna-Style lager and reintroduced it to beer lovers. Subtle caramel aromas, a coppery pour and a light malty sweetness paired with noble hop bitterness set this beer apart. In with the old, in with the new.

    • Tasting Notes:
    • Subtle caramel aroma
    • Light malty sweetness
    • Noble hop bitterness
    • Coppery pour

    Pairs Well With: Queso, Grilled Meats, Block Parties

    Silver: Marzen/Oktoberfest - 2015 US Open Beer Championship
    Silver: Vienna-Style Lager — 2015 Los Angeles Int'l Beer Competition
    Best of the Rockies/Southwest: Vienna/Marzen Lager - 2015 United States Beer Tasting Championship

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  • Hopochondria®

    Style: Session IPA

    ABV: 3.5%

    IBU: 57

    SRM: 5

    OG: 1.038

    Availability: Draft, 12oz can (6-pk)

    Serve: Spiegelau at 40°–45°

    So, you like hops. You really like hops. You dream about hops. You obsess about hops. You want to marry hops. Sounds like a classic case of Hopochondria, which is probably why you're attracted to this beer. Our session IPA is perfect for those who really dig the complexities of an IPA and want something more accessible. With five unique hop varieties, it boasts citrus, floral, and grassy notes. So go ahead and pop the top. In this case, getting afflicted is a good thing.

    • Tasting Notes:
    • Juicy citrus aroma
    • Big floral notes
    • Grassy, bitter backbone
    • Light, refreshing finish

    Pairs Well With: White Cheddar, Hot Wings, Your Mouth

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  • Rock Rider
  • Hop Trapp
  • The Temptress
  • Lakewood Lager
  • Hopochondria